Between the Lines – Katherine Wei

Yesterday               March dew dripped    
    between mounds                      of asphalt
You reminisced      the dust    that sagged down 
                                           the mien
 of the playground 
While memories of marigolds       crawling 
         out of craned ospreys    
  that circled                and circled   
   the chasm of everlasting youth        

Tomorrow    dusk will hit 
speckled rooftops   
                            at a fine angle, 
Bouncing light off   
                                        to the moon
where paper airplanes
Glide    amongst the blossoms   your mama loved.
But thunder             
 will break    
        as all good things 
                will come 
     to an 

Katherine Wei is currently a sophomore attending BASIS Chandler in Arizona. She likes to skateboard and paint acrylic portraits. Her writing has been recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and published in many literary journals.