/ˈmī(ə)r/noun “Into the mire!”more words: quagmire, admire, bemiresynonyms: mess, difficulty, plight, predicament, tight spot, trouble, quandary, muddle

Laura Nell Walker

Laura Nell Walker ’20 enjoys visual art, music theatre, and creative writing and is currently in chamber choir.

Isabella Yaghmai

Isabella Yaghmai ‘21 enjoys traveling to different countries and spending time with friends and family. She plays for the Springs … More

Matti Rose Lawrence

Matti Rose Lawrence is a graduating senior from Indian Springs School. She plans to attend Loyola Marymount University next year … More

Abigail Shepherd

Abigail Shepherd ’19 enjoys photography, hiking, and engaging in Birmingham through various clubs and organizations such as YouthServe and Eco … More

Sabra Rogers

Sabra Rogers is a junior at Indian Springs School, where she’s the president photographer and editor for Yearbook. She is … More