The Springs Code

This blog post is inspired by the collection of essays named “The Southern Lady Code” by Helen Ellis. Southern ladies are known for phrases that we have grown accustomed to hearing in the Deep South like “bless your heart” and “hold your horses.” Here are a few phrases and remarks given by Indian Springs students […]


Interview: Dylan Emerick Brown

Have you ever heard of a professional high school literary magazine? Before this year, neither had we! The Mire reached out to Dylan Emerick-Brown, Editor-in-Chief and founder of Howl, a professional literary magazine run by the students of Deltona High School, for insight about what it’s like to produce a successful professional student-run magazine. Howl […]


Trump Sky Alpha: A Horrifically Realistic Story of Donald Trump’s influence on Our Future

“Trump still talking, still livestreaming, sailing above the unfolding devastation, justifying and raging, attacking his enemies, and then calling for a big strike, calling for it even as the internet was flickering out.” (P.105) MARK DOTEN DESCRIBES, in his new novel, all too realistically what the end of the world might look like. From the […]