Would Dr. Cooper have been tough on Samwell Tarly?: An Interview with Dave Hill

Dave Hill, a graduate of Indian Springs School (‘02) and a writer for the hit HBO television show Game Of Thrones produced some of the program’s most riveting episodes such as “Home,” “Eastwatch,” “Winterfell,” and many more. The Mire interviewed Dave Hill about his involvement in writing for such a huge television program and how […]


Book Review: A People’s Future Of The United States- SPECULATIVE FICTION FROM 25 EXTRAORDINARY WRITERS

GENDER INEQUALITY, SURVEILLANCE, homophobia, controlled birth rates, cranial digital chips – these sound dystopian, but also strangely familiar. How far are we actually from these developments in the United States? China had the one-child policy for decades, homophobia is existent worldwide, and women still have to fight for equal rights in almost every aspect of […]