Lemony Snicket’s Monologue

From the author: This is based off of Daniel Handler’s book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I wasn’t serious about writing this because I made it a while ago for fun.

Dear Beatrice, I long for your loving touch, and I worry far too much about your children who attract deadly patrons. I promised you we’d meet again, but you disappeared in the flicker of a flame, and now I’m drowning in a sea of sorrow and grief. Now your family has no home, and your children roam the vast journey across seas, mountains, and horrible men. When we declared our burning passion for each other it ended in a roaring blaze. Continuous tragedies are acted out in wickedly savage ways without any sense of morality, and I follow along to document events to exploit the poise villain who has tried at least a gillion to steal your fortune with a group of sly humans. We used poison because we couldn’t send her to prison, but they are out for revenge. The hole in my heart was caused by your sudden combustion and the exhaustion that led to your loss. From now I’ll try to endeavor in any way whatsoever to keep together and watch your children while they conquer the terrors of an arsonist and his five accomplices. Back to the past, your home couldn’t last the overwhelming fire. By the end of the story, hopefully, there won’t be anything gory and stormy, for your children should warmly and calmly enjoy the peace of a home where they can honestly say the world is quiet here.