The View

by: Andrew Rowe

The View reveals the true colors of my home town
Sitting atop the confederate canon, looking out below
At the sectors of the city unfairly classified as white or brown
The burrows of Birmingham and their enormous cargo.

Looking North West toward downtown
The revival prominent with the lights and smolder
Not shown are the scars of the struggle for civil rights 
Sixth alley south still shrieks on some dark nights

Looking North East towards Woodlawn 
Where the planes fly away from behind a glazed dawn
A community so oppressed by the South
Of Birmingham, it has been buried past recollection

Looking South towards Mountain Brook
Which prefers to stay hidden by the red ridge from 
Those not as fortunate as them, not as opulent
The elitist of the city who would rather be alone and solitary

Looking up towards the sky
The native wildlife of Ruffner Mountain in slowed existence
Coexisting with the quarry which once fueled the city and,
Unearthed the iron and steel which dyed our players

Looking down at the ground below
Realizing the city of Birmingham is more than what is shows
So much history embedded in the earth
Racism and discrimination we cannot allow to rebirth.