Out of the Fog

Mantra: “I am apprehensive of a whole bunch of pressures and exigencies. They made me mess up the order of my life. I know I have to manage them appropriately in order to pass them. James, one of my ultimate team captains, let me know calming down is the only way to get rid of messiness and difficulty. On his shoulder, I stand forever.”

No way to describe my mood when encountering you.

Twisting my ankle tinged my life with your dye.

My aspiration to get better.

My pressure from school blew it out.

Make the flame back to ash.

You sprout out of the ground.

You are officially involved in my life.

You cut into my heart like a sharp knife.

Your flame grows with the help of oxygen.

My life changed because of you.

Or its controls.

You are hiding under the canyon in the fog.

The single-plank bridge for the canyon is in the fog.

Finding a bridge in the fog is hard.   

Finding how to control myself is even much more. 

Under your control, my step was disordered, with no destination.
I try to stop my unresponsive feet from steeping deep into the fog.

It works only when I clean up my mind;

It works only when I try to write by myself in the blank of my mind;

It works only only when I really really calm down,
in my inward world.

The idea of Calming down from James helps me win this battle.  

A path drawn by myself is there.

The pen is not in your hands any more. 

Empowering image of writing my own paths.

More and more paths show up on the blank:

Each of them is trying to find the bridge.

The fog is getting clearer; 

The bridge is in front of me, 

I turned back,

said goodbye to you.