Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking

Watch Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking

When trying to embody The Mire’s key qualities of quirky and thought-provoking literature in my blog post the first thing that came to mind was… Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking (2015). I’m analyzing this piece as if I would for an English class. Read on below.

Lil Dicky’s Pillow Talking delves into some theories that have been around for generations. This 11 minute song paints a picture of a very interesting conversation between Lil Dicky himself and a companion after having sex. After a brief discussion about their previous actions, Lil Dicky decides to get to know her by asking questions about her family life. What makes this conversation unique starts with the question “Uh, what’s the deal with your family? Got any siblings?” After stating that her brother is in the Army, Dicky goes on to ask “Do you f**k with the war?” Here, he brings up just one of his many questions about the universe.

Here are the questions and/or concerns he raises and my comments to them.

1. Aliens.

In Verse 2 of this song, he asks questions about when aliens would come and if we would be able to defend ourselves from them. He also proposes the idea that aliens might think that “Earth go hard.” This exposes Dicky’s deep belief in aliens (which causes later issues between him and his companion).

I too believe that there must be some other type of life form on other planets. I am not quite sure if they would want to come to earth though. Humans seem to be ridiculously curious when it comes to other species, but other species frequently have little-to-no interest in us or our lives. I feel like we have all portrayed aliens to be destructive to earth and inhumane, but we always go around destroying other peoples thing for our gain. Aliens have never done that to us. That’s some soul searching that we (humans) have to do. Who are the real aliens here?

2. Christianity

Along in verse 2, he finds out that his ‘friend’ is a “religious b**ch”. In realizing this his ‘friend’ explains that she doesn’t believe in aliens because of God. Dicky is confused as to how she thinks that earth is God’s only creation, even though there are infinite galaxies.

As a Christian I can say I do not agree with his ‘friend.’ Dicky (and Brain) were onto something when they questioned her about this. Brain said “Hold up, so, God made the Earth/And God was like, hold up/This sh*t is borin’/It need more sh*t/God was like/”I’ma put dinosaurs on that bitch”/”Dinosaurs on that bitch”/Then He like, “Why’d I put dinosaurs on that sh*t?”

To me, this makes so much sense. If God created the earth, but he makes no mistakes, what happened to the dinosaurs? What made him not want dinosaurs and want blonde haired blue eyed white girl? We don’t look the same? If God is so powerful, why couldn’t have have created species on all planets? I love God, I also believe that God has too much power to only deal with us.

3. Vegan/Vegetarianism

Once they dropped these two subjects ahead, they decided that they wanted to order a pizza. Dicky wanted meat on his…she did not. She was disgusted by the idea of even having half and half. She makes the general argument that we “we just breed ’em to eat” and therefore she can’t participate in that. Dicky responds to her arguments with “Yeah, but, that’s your God at work”.

I enjoy this idea because I can see both sides to this argument. Dicky claims that because we are smarter, we have manipulated animals to be able to feed us…which is (in my mind) one of many reason why animals could be on earth based on Christianity. BUT, his ‘friend’ makes a good point as well. As a avid meat eater, I can’t say that what we are doing is completely wrong, but I can say that maybe we’ve taken it too far.