By Kendall Owens

If I was a moth,
I’d have wings of straw
and a little, black, breakable body. Thing is:
Straw burns.
I’d have to be wary of flames.

Like moth to flame
Like mountain to dust
You are dust
and to dust you shall return.

Upon my return, I was greeted by the glare of sunlight
reflected off tin roofs.
And I couldn’t help but think:
A stack of needles hiding a piece of straw.

Kendall Owens was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a member of the Indian Springs Class of 2019 and hopes to pursue a degree in psychology and linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania where she will be attending this fall. Throughout her high school career, Kendall has been an avid member of the mock trial and bowling teams, as well as participating in every opportunity to pet dogs. This is her first publication in a literary magazine.

Art by Laura Nell Walker.