The Springs Code

This blog post is inspired by the collection of essays named “The Southern Lady Code” by Helen Ellis. Southern ladies are known for phrases that we have grown accustomed to hearing in the Deep South like “bless your heart” and “hold your horses.” Here are a few phrases and remarks given by Indian Springs students that we have grown accustomed to hearing around campus.

-Emma Storm ’19

“Indian Springs, the school for the gifted”

It’s used sarcastically when a student does/says something dumb/not smart to emphasize how Springs is supposed to be for smart people, yet we lack common sense a large amount of the time.


*Student A thinks that having an inverted spine is an actual condition, and Student B realizes they think that*

Student B: “Oh look at that. ‘Indian Springs, school of the gifted…'”

*Student A laughs.


This is what you call someone when they are either actually on their phone/technology too much, or it can be used sarcastically to either be annoying or just make a funny reference. This reference was born at the end of August 2018 when the school watched a movie called “Screenagers,” which mocked the millennial generation and associated them to addicts.


*Student A is on their phone and doesn’t hear Student B call their name”

Student B: “Hey listen to me you Screenager!”

*Student A laughs or rolls eyes annoyingly.

Tunnel Tuesday

When the glee club forms a tunnel for the treble choir to walk into when leaving rehearsal


*loud noise and crowd erupts outside the Rehearsal Room in Town Hall around 12:15.

Student A: “Why are all the the guys forming a tunnel at the other end of Town Hall?”

Student B: “It’s Tunnel Tuesday.”

I’m not mad just disappointed.

A common phrase that Mayors (for non-springs people, mayors are our student government presidents) use to express their disappointment with the student body. Made popular by Spring semester mayor Dewey Wilbanks.


*No one signed up for a fundraiser that was dependent on the whole Student body participation

Mayor Dewey Wilbanks: I’m not mad just disappointed.

It’s chicken parm.

A phrase used by Springs students to get out of class early for lunch.


Context: Chicken Parmesan is one of Mrs. Thomas’s favorite meals.

Student : Mrs. Thomas can we leave? It’s chicken parm.

There will be snacks.

A phrase often heard from club heads to entice students to come to their meetings.


Club Head: We have a meeting today during flex in room 9. There will be snacks.

Can we have class outside?

A phrase often heard from students when the weather is nice. An excuse to get out of a lecture class and work on our own things.


Student A : Mr. Allen can we have class outside? It’s beautiful out.

Springs Eternal:

The unofficial symbol of Springs that one one really uses until they’ve graduated. It is formed by making an infinity loop with the thumb and pointer finger of both hands.


Commonly seen on instagram posts post-graduation.

Revved-up Mac and Cheese:

An absolute DELICACY Flik dining used to make that we are all patiently waiting to have a comeback.

Spa Water:

Normal water that has been “enhanced” by certain fruits being placed in the water and LED lights in the water container.

The Swamp

(in sports terms)due to our lack of an official mascot


The Swamp (student section) was filled in the Indian Springs vs. Altamont (ISS rival) soccer game.

Beat Everyone

(adapted from the original beat altamont which was decided to be too aggressive)

This became a common phrase on sports t-shirts, specifically soccer.