Literary Gifting Guide: The Five Best Books for This Holiday Season

Not into fighting those endless lines at the mall? Is the chaos we all know holiday shopping just not your thing? Luckily, avoiding this mania is simple. There have been so many new books released this season that gifting friends or family with a new read to get cozy with by the fire will definitely win you this season’s best-gift giver award.

           2018 has been a year full of exciting book releases. Scouring through them all would be nearly impossible. To minimize your stress and save your time during this hectic season, I have gathered a list of, in my opinion, this season’s best gifting books for The Mire. You’ll definitely catch me reading these books over my much-needed holiday break.

As always, shop local!

In Birmingham: Jim Reed Books or Alabama Booksmith.

Online: Indiebound or Powell’s Books.

-Stephanie ’19

For the Person That Needs Some Inspiration This Holiday Season:

1.Michelle Obama’s Becoming



In Becoming, Michelle Obama recounts her experiences as a child in Chicago and a student at Princeton; then later as mother and First Lady. Obama threads her personal narrative with while leaving readers with an abundance of hope for ourselves and the future of our country. Since its release on November 13, Obama’s memoir has been all over the media and certainly will find a way into your family’s holiday conversations.

For the Person Who’s Just Finished Binge-Watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix:

2.Tana French’s The Witch Elm



In the Witch Elm, French delivers a suspenseful mystery of a man, Toby, as he discovers his family’s haunting past. This exhilarating novel guarantees readers an escape that many of us need to endure these family-packed holidays… even if that escape may be a chilling one.

For the Person Who Loves Laughing as Much as Eating:

3. Chrissy Teigan’s Cravings: Hungry for More



In Cravings: Hungry for More, Tiegan presents countless mouth-watering recipes perfect for making delicious meals all of your family will be impressed by. From breakfast to dinner, this book is filled with creative, delicious recipes that definitely won’t disappoint.

For the Kid That Read The Hunger Games Series One Too Many Times:

4. Ashley and Leslie Saunders’ The Rule of One

Science Fiction/ Dystopian Fiction


In The Rule of One, twin sisters Ashley and Leslie Saunders, explore the story of a family with twins in a future United States where birth populations have limited quotas to one child per family. The novel’s elaborate dystopian setting hooks readers in and then plagues them with the kind of “what if” questions that teenagers tend to obsess over. This novel is the perfect gift for those impossible to buy for teens in your family.

For the Person That’s Still Hung-up On the Midterm Elections:

5. Nicholas Montemarano’s The Senator’s Children

Political Fiction/Psychological Fiction


In The Senator’s Children, Nicholas Montemarno launches readers into the lives of two sisters who have never met but both share living in the spotlight because of their father, a presidential candidate. Years later, these sisters are forced to unite due to their father’s declining health. This story gives readers a taste of what it’s like to be a part of a high-profile political family while emphasizing the importance of coming together—perfect for those who want both holiday feels and can’t seem to stop watching The Good Wife reruns.